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You can send directly using excel or just copy paste.


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Efficiency Meets Simplicity
Imagine effortlessly sending numerous messages while supercharging your communication strategy. Say hello to WassupBot’s Send Tab – your go-to solution for automating bulk WhatsApp messages. Whether you’re a savvy entrepreneur, a marketing maestro, or simply eager to stay closely connected, this tool is tailor-made to simplify your messaging needs.

Effortless Bulk Messaging
Bid farewell to typing the same message over and over again! With the Send Tab’s intuitive interface, sending bulk messages is a breeze. No more manual data entry – you can copy-paste or upload contact numbers directly. WassupBot smartly handles everything, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free communication experience.

Unleash the Power of Features
WassupBot packs a punch with a variety of features that elevate your messaging journey:
Diverse Attachments: Spice up your messages with a range of attachments – photos, videos, documents, stickers, audio clips, contact cards, locations, and even interactive C-T-A buttons. Personal Touch: Infuse warmth by addressing recipients by name, using custom messages from an uploaded Excel file.
Message Templates: Turbocharge your efficiency with ready-to-use templates for swift and effective communication.
Anti-Ban Guardian: Our AI-powered Anti-Ban Tool keeps you on the right side of responsible messaging, avoiding those pesky spam restrictions.

Seamless Real-Time Delivery & Insights
Craft your message, select your contacts, and let WassupBot take the reins. Observe your messages being dispatched in real-time. Need a pause? You got it – halt or resume at your convenience. Plus, download real-time Excel reports for your records.

Elevate Your WhatsApp Marketing Game
WassupBot’s Send Tab isn’t just about sending bulk messages; it’s about turbocharging your WhatsApp marketing strategy. From automated outreach to personalized interactions, this tool empowers you to engage with your audience like never before.

Unleash the Power with WassupBot
Embrace the ultimate WhatsApp messaging solution – WassupBot’s Send Tab. Simplify communication, amplify marketing efforts, and recapture precious time. Ready to revolutionize your WhatsApp connectivity? Waste no time – grab the WassupBot Chrome extension now and start sending bulk messages effortlessly. It’s time to redefine your WhatsApp journey!

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