Amazing Group Tools

Group Creation

Create new groups with ease, allowing you to bring together individuals with shared interests or common objectives.

Participant Management

Effortlessly manage group participants by adding or removing members, ensuring the group remains relevant and focused.

Welcome Feature

Welcome feature adds a personal touch to your WhatsApp groups by automatically greeting new participants as they join.

Leaving feature

When a participant leaves, they are personally approached to gather feedback, for valuable insights & improvement.

WassupBot’s group tools empower you to effortlessly manage your WhatsApp groups, from creating and organizing them to efficiently communicating with members. With features like participant management, group insights, and customizable settings, you have everything you need to streamline group interactions and foster engagement.


WassupBot offers a range of powerful group tools to enhance your WhatsApp group management experience. With WassupBot’s group tools, you can efficiently organize, engage, and communicate with your group members. Here are some key features:

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WassupBot’s group tool revolutionizes WhatsApp group management with its comprehensive features. Effortlessly create and organize groups, manage participants, and gain valuable insights into group engagement. Communicate efficiently with group broadcasts and customize settings to suit your needs. WassupBot empowers you to streamline group interactions and enhance collaboration within your WhatsApp groups.

With WassupBot’s group tools, you can streamline your group management, foster engagement, and facilitate effective communication within your WhatsApp groups.