How many WhatsApp messages in bulk can you send without risk?

How many WhatsApp messages in bulk can you send without risk?

Want to know how to put one such strategy into practise? To get a step-by-step guide, just read the complete article!
If you’ve ever used WassupBot Tool, you’ve probably thought about this.

How many WhatsApp messages can I send at once without risking detection?

Zero, according to WhatsApp’s formal statement.

Bulk WhatsApp Messaging/Spamming is strictly forbidden!

Never do it!

And WhatsApp will take legal measures against anyone who engages in it.

WhatsApp Official Policy

You can totally abstain from it if you accept the official statement.

While your rivals follow the proper procedures, they rapidly expand their networks and businesses, leaving you far behind.

Then, once they have a sizable group of paying clients with whom they must interact, they will submit an application for the official WhatsApp API.

If only your company is a "MEDIUM" or "LARGE" business, then only you can apply for the official WhatsApp business API.

Alternately, you can develop your network and company by learning how to properly use WhatsApp marketing.

You can work hard, do it correctly, and surpass all of your rivals.

But before we talk about the “correct method,”

What is the “wrong method to do WhatsApp marketing,” to start?
sending unrelated, pointless, and spammy promotional messages to unknowing, irrelevant recipients

such as this statement

WhatsApp clearly prohibits this, and with good reason!

You should and must be banned if you send something like this to totally unrelated strangers.
Furthermore, WhatsApp has a system in place to ensure your ban.

What occurs when you send spammy messages to an audience that is totally unknowable and irrelevant?

When you message a person:

  • does not have a saved entry for your number in their phone directory or
  • Has not messaged you on WhatsApp

On their monitors, they observe something similar:

WhatsApp clearly prohibits this, and with good reason!

Which button do you think they’ll hit when they see something like this?

Report spam?
or Add to contacts?

It doesn’t take an expert to understand that when you act in this way, WhatsApp will either block you or ban you and report you. Since this is unquestionably and plainly trash!

So that’s the issue; what is the answer?

How to carry out a WhatsApp marketing campaign correctly?
Here are the precise steps you can follow to contact a respectably large number of people and actually expand your client base as opposed to having WhatsApp immediately block your number.

  1. Never begin with an enormous raw collection.
    Instead of saying that, try this out to find some useful information…

    For instance,
    if I were selling Pizza, I would choose only those numbers who are Pizza lovers. These individuals will probably try to order Pizza so they won’t immediately click the “Report spam and block” option when they see my message.

  2. Begin slow
    WhatsApp is not a get rich fast scheme that will instantly turn you into a millionaire.
    If you only sent 50 messages on the first day and properly completed step one
    You can actually generate up to 10 new leads and 5 new purchases with a well-written message.

    How to formulate a communication effectively?

    I’m pleased you inquired…

  3. Don’t just sell in the first line!
    Even if you reach 50 people with your message, not everyone will want to purchase from you.
    In an hour, you can’t even manage 50 fresh sales!
    Consider how you can eliminate the ten individuals on your list who might actually be interested in what you’re offering.

    For Instance: This communication

You can use Menu wise Message and add AutoReplies/ChatBot
You can send personalized messages with desired name John

This communication is 90% less likely to be reported despite the fact that the number is from a database and not a known contact. Because:

  • Since it uses the recipient’s name, it appears to be a personalised communication rather than a spammy bulk message.
  • The message makes the purpose and relevance obvious (who am I and why am I messaging you).
  • Lastly, it poses a straightforward yes-or-no query: “Wanna order pizza😋?”

Usually, “John,” the recipient, will only respond “yes” or “no” to this communication.

Instead of just spamming everyone, you can now have a filtered list of pertinent prospects with whom you can communicate further.
Additionally, it provides you the opportunity to eliminate everyone who is irrelevant because they are not currently experiencing the problem or are not interested in purchasing from you for any other reason.
So, what can you take from this example?

4. Make it appear more authentic and less spammy…
The last example message showed how all messages were truly personalized with the recipient’s name and provided background information on the reason for the message. Therefore, you are not just a complete stranger attempting to spam John to no end and trying to sell him something.
It shows that you comprehend him and his problem and why you are messaging him.
Additionally, including these two sentences in the message makes it the ideal killer message for WhatsApp, increasing the likelihood that no one will block your number and generating the most responses.

If he responds “STOP,” you simply remove his number from your record and carry on.
He isn’t really engaged in the issue or trying to solve it.

Therefore, he won’t purchase from you.
Regardless of how diligently you work to sell


If he responds positively, it indicates he is feeling hungry and wants to address it.

Your response should look more genuine….. 
You can set AutoReplies/Chatbots for the same.

So what distinguishes this strategy from the one that was previously mentioned?
You totally spam random, irrelevant strangers left, right, and centre in the first strategy out of sheer desperation.

You are weeding out pertinent individuals and expanding your network using this strategy.
in a sincere effort to boost your sales and expand your company!
If you use strategy number two, you will have a record of all the non-interested parties that you can filter out of all future communications.
Additionally, a list of those who are interested in your offer so you can contact them later to seal the deal.
Although this method requires some work, it eventually yields 100X results.

5. Over time, consistently expand your network and viewership.
WhatsApp marketing does not entail sending out 20,000 messages randomly and then waiting for sales to start coming in because WhatsApp is mainly intended for communicating with your known contacts only.

Instead, it implies slowly building your contact list to a big number of around 20,000 to 30,000 contacts.

Afterward, engage them frequently to generate enormous sales.

In order to respond to the article’s central issue…


How many messages can I send without risk?
If you intend to bombard random strangers with totally irrelevant emails, stop right there!
Avoid doing it to avoid having your phone number banned/blocked!
within hours, wither.
or in a few days.
However, I can assure you that it will be banned!

as opposed to the other hand
If you have a list of potential customers and want to expand your network and company by connecting with them, you should do so.
Then, you can utilize WhatsApp marketing correctly to give your company insanely high development and sales!

So you have a choice?

Which strategy do you want to employ?


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