What is WassupBot?

What is WassupBot??

Google Chrome browser extension is a simple tool that enhances the browsing experience. They allow users to modify Google Chrome’s behavior and functionality to suit their particular requirements or tastes. And WassupBot is also a Chrome extension.

What is the purpose of WassupBot?
WassupBot is a advance tool that expands the capabilities of the WhatsApp Web application and offers more robust marketing and business tools to help you interact with and serve your customers more quickly and intelligently!

WassupBot: How Do I Use It?
You need to be using the¬†Google Chrome¬†browser to use WassupBot because it is a Chrome application.¬†Visit the WassupBot link on the Chrome Store¬†and select “Add To Chrome” to add the application to your Chrome browser.
You can access the extension from the new green “Double Tick” icon that will show in your browser toolbar after the extension has been installed Or directly¬†open Web WhatsApp¬†and Then Log in to your Web WhatsApp by scanning QR then in moment you will find a bubbling Icon at right corner at middle, Click at it and ENJOY!!!.

What additional functions does WassupBot add to WhatsApp Web??

  • Tools:
    • WhatsApp Dark mode
    • Blur private information: 1. Recent Messages 2. Contact Names 3. Contact Photos 4. Conversation Messages
    • Disable Read Receipt (Blue tick)
    • Hide¬†Online¬†status
    • Hide¬†typing…¬†status
    • Hide¬†recording…¬†status
    • Enable Chat Categories
    • Enable user information
    • Open unsaved chat
    • Enable Full-screen WhatsApp

  • ChatBot/AutoReplies:
    • Highly customizable automatic replies that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. Automatic replies can save time & improve your customer experience by addressing frequently asked questions & providing related information.
    • You can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find in runtime by setting AutoReply, so you can become the industry.
    • Introducing a set menu-wise chatbot for your WhatsApp Business! By setting up a customized set menu, you can tailor the chatbot to meet the specific needs of your business and provide a seamless customer experience.

  • Send Customized unlimited Messages:
    • You can send unlimited messages without saving numbers. You can also Remove/Filter Duplicate, Wrong, or Non-WhatsApp numbers before sending.
    • WassupBot allows for sending unlimited customized messages with unlimited attachments, time gaps, and intelligent filtering of duplicate, wrong, and non-WhatsApp numbers.
    • Using this you may schedule your messages, Ideal for businesses that are seasonal or operate between fixed hours. (This feature is coming soon….)

  • Group Creation:
    • With just one click, Simply enter the desired group name and desired Contacts (even without saving) & let the WassupBot handle the rest of the group creation process.

  • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group of Contacts:
    • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group: all contacts list.
    • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group: all saved contacts lists.
    • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group: Unsaved contact list.
    • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group: Blocked Contacts.
    • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group: Non-Blocked Contacts.
    • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group: Contacts Numbers Using WhatsApp Business.
    • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group: Contacts Using Normal WhatsApp.
    • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group: Enterprise Contacts.
    • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group: Non-Enterprise Contacts.
    • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group: contacts from specific groups.
    • Download/Send-Messages/Create-Group: contacts from specific labels.

  • & Many More advance tools are coming soon….

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